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What We Do


Coaching for Nurses

Nurses are taking on new, exciting and innovative roles. Work with us to maximize your potential and realize your dreams.

Coaching for Teams

Health care providers are skilled at working in parallel silos, but not as a team. Coaching can support groups of health care providers to transform into true health care teams.

Coaching for Caregivers

Are you a care giver for elderly parents, for a dependant spouse or for a child with medical conditions? We want to support you.


Coaching is for everyone.

Coaching is a supportive relationship that honours you as the expert in your own life. Coaching appreciates and draws on your core values and inner strengths to support you in achieving success in your personal and professional life.


We know healthcare.

The complexity of health care systems and the expectations on health care providers is greater than it has ever been. This can result in stress and burn out or this can be the background on which YOU shine. Let us show you how.


What people are saying.

“Coaching has been an invaluable tool for myself and I believe for the nursing profession as a supportive, caring and insightful resource.  It helped me through a very difficult time, gave me confidence and I felt 100% supported, heard and cared for. The coaching is intuitive, collaborative and helped me to understand my values and what is important to me in both my professional and personal life.”

-Nurse Practitioner


We’re here to help.

Not quite ready to take the leap into coaching? Check out some books, apps, websites and tools that we think you will like.

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